Recruiting Timeline  //

Not too long ago, prospective student-athletes could follow a pretty standard timeline for the college recruiting process, regardless of the sport they played or the level of college athletics they wanted to play at.  However, things have changed a lot in college recruiting the past several years.


In several sports, especially at the Division 1 level, the recruiting process is beginning much earlier, as early as 8th grade!  While it is not necessary for most athletes to make some type of commitment to a college program prior to their sophomore year in high school, it is never too early to start researching and learning about the recruiting process. In most cases, if student-athletes wait till after their junior year in high school to start the recruiting process, they will have decreased the number of potential opportunities that may be available to them. 


One of the most important factors of this process is to receive realistic evaluations from unbiased sources such as coaches or recruiting specialists.  This will allow the student-athlete and parents to focus on schools that most match the level of ability of the student-athlete.

Instead of providing a concrete recruiting timeline, we are instead providing a checklist of the important steps to take though the recruiting process with some general periods of when these steps should take place, depending on the sport/division.  We will continually update this checklist.


  • Prep courses

  • Recruiting profile

  • Skills/highlight videos

  • NCAA Clearinghouse

  • Financial Aid Forecaster

  • College Applications


  • Camps/Showcases

  • Transcripts

  • Meet with guidance counselor

  • Email college coaches

  • Phone college coaches

  • Contact periods

  • Strength and speed training

  • Visits - unofficial and official

  • Fill out questionnaires and keep them updated

  • Research schools, programs, coaches

  • Schedule updates

  • Signing periods

  • Compare financial aid packages

  • Prepare a list of questions

  • Continue to receive feedback on your level of ability