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College Softball Coach Survey

The following questions were posed to college softball coaches. You can view their responses by clicking on " View Responses" following each individual question.  When prompted for a password, use the word "Survey" (case sensitive). 


This information is provided courtesy of Power Force Training.



Can a parent's attitude/actions influence a college coach's decision to recruit and/or offer a scholarship to a player?  View Responses


If a prospective ​recruit chooses not to play for their High School program due to lack of competition, poor coaching, etc, does it affect your opinion of the prospect?  View Responses


Approximately what percentage of unsolicited recruiting profiles and/or skills videos do you actually review?  View Responses


On a scale of 1 to 10, how important are "combine" statistics: 40 yd dash, agility shuttle run, bat speed, overhand throw, etc, in determining which players you recruit?  View Responses


Will you recruit a player that wears a facemask?  View Responses


What is the single most effective action a student-athlete can take to initiate the recruiting process with your school?  View Responses


In general, do you recruit for a specific position or the best athlete available?  View Responses


What is the single most important piece of advice you can give a player starting the recruitment process?  View Responses


How many years in advance to you begin to solidify your recruiting class?  View Responses


What are some other things a prospective student-athlete can do to grab your attention?  View Responses


You receive multiple requests to watch a specific player for the first time at an event. What makes you decide to watch a player for the first time?  View Responses


What is the one item that every prospective student-athlete should know before they begin the recruiting process?  View Responses