General Recruiting Questions //

When and how to take unofficial visits.

There are new rules regarding unofficial visits for Division 1. Coaches are not permitted to meet with student-athletes on a visit until September 1st of their junior year. You can still visit campus, but you cannot speak to the coach!

What are the differences between the different divisions and levels of college sports?

Is my kid a division 1 prospect?

What should I include on my recruiting profile?

What should be the top factors in my decision?

What is a verbal commitment?

There are new rules regarding contact by Division 1 coaches. They are not permitted to speak with student-athletes until September 1st of their junior year. Therefore, there should technically be no verbal commitments prior to that date!

Why do I need to fill out a school’s questionnaire?

The #1 question – what does a college coach look for when they are recruiting players?

How early are college coaches looking to complete their recruiting for particular graduation classes?

Is there really a school/opportunity out there for everyone who wants to play sports in college?  COMING SOON!

What should the prospect say in their emails?  How often should they email the college coach?  COMING SOON!

How do I know if a coach is interested in me as a prospect?  COMING SOON!

What is involved with an official visit?  COMING SOON!

What is an NLI?  COMING SOON!