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​The #1  recruiting education resource for

softball parents and players!


We answer every question that parents and prospects have about the

recruiting process, and we get it straight from the source--college coaches!


MAXX Recruiting asks college coaches about their philosophies on the recruiting process and provides parents and athletes with access to their responses.


Learn more about how the recruiting process works from a college coach's perspective!


  • When should I begin the recruiting process and how?

  • When and how often should the prospect take the SAT or ACT?

  • What’s more important – academics or athletics?

  • What types of camps should the prospect be attending?

  • How important is the travel/club team that the prospect plays for?

  • Are there better tournaments for exposure?

  • How do I get better exposure for my child?

  • What should be included in a skills video?

  • What should the prospect say in their emails to college coaches? 

  • How often should prospects email the college coach?

  • 2 things most college freshman are unprepared for when getting to college.

  • Recruiting services, recruiting events….are they worth it? Do college coaches use them?

  • Does a parents behavior affect the recruitability of a prospect?

  • Do’s and don’ts of social media for student-athletes…….and parents!

  • I’ve received a camp invite – what does it mean?

  • How do I know if a coach is interested in me as a prospect?

  • When and how to take unofficial visits.

  • What’s involved with an unofficial visit?

  • Is my kid a Division 1 prospect?


Plus much more!  The Insider's Guide has over 40 video Q & A's plus several additional resources!  To get started, visit the Maxx Recruiting website today!




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