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Training Programs


In this section you will find information that is important in creating and implementing effective year-round training programs.  I felt that there was a need for reliable and proven training information for coaches, parents, and athletes who were unfamiliar with this area. The comprehensive, easy-to-understand resource guide to can be used to create and implement training programs for high school and college athletes. I created this guide during my time as a strength and conditioning coordinator at the college level.

The resource guide includes instructions on how to design and implement year-round programs. Also included in the guide:


· Explanation of program design
· Explanation of assessment procedures
· Strength level charts
· Player Work-Out cards
· Off-season calendars
· Conditioning program, including endurance training, sprint training, form running skills, agilities, plyometrics, and medicine ball training.


Please feel free to print or save these documents and personalize the program for your athletes by using Microsoft Word and Excel.  I would like to emphasize that these program templates can be modified and customized for the needs of each individual athlete.  An effective program should have a mixture of olympic/power lifts, compound movements, and dynamic movements such as plyos, med balls, and core/rotational exercises.

If you have any questions about the programs, feel free to contact me at

Training Program Resource Guide


Below are links to information that is important in creating and implementing an effective training program.





















General Training Program


Here is the roadmap for creating training programs. This section can be used to create a training program for any sport. This section also contains general workout cards and charts that lay out the sets, reps, and % intensity for training programs that can be used for any sport.


Baseball & Softball Training Programs


Year-round training programs that are specific to baseball & softball.




Football Training Programs


Year-round training programs that are specific to football.

Other Training Components

Related Training Info & Resources

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